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Wikipedia ICL entry

If you haven't come across Wikipedia, it's an online free encyclopedia, with the unusual feature that anyone can contribute.

There's an article on ICL at
and it could be a lot better. This is the most accessible short historical "biography" of the company and it would be nice to make it as comprehensive as possible, while keeping it "encyclopedic" in its style: which means as brief as possible but complete and authoritative.

I've added sections where I have personal knowledge, and some information extracted from published sources, but of course that's a tiny fraction. Feel free to add or update the entry, or add subsidiary entries for particular product lines or divisions. Or if you don't feel like working out how to update it yourself, send me contributions and I will add them.

Bear in mind that this is no place for personal anecdotes or reminiscences, it needs to be solid information preferably verifiable from other sources.

Michael Kay (ICL Fellow)