This is the Web site for all those ICL'ers and ex-ICL'ers who have enjoyed each others company and want to stay in touch - both for business and social reasons

If you want to join the list of friends or amend your information please send your details, Name and e-mail address (plus optional mobile phone number), to

You can use this site to share news, put forward ideas, advise of opportunities and provide information about events to your ex-colleagues.

The NEWS section gives you the opportunity to pass on items of information, which may be of interest. News items will stay on the site for 4 weeks unless you request otherwise.

EVENTS allows you to initially publicise the date and venue for any planned get-togethers so you can offer the chance to attend to a wider group. Once the event has happened you can then post a report of the proceedings perhaps accompanied by some (incriminating) photos!

OPPORTUNITIES gives you a section to put information about jobs, both paying and voluntary, which could be of interest to the wider community.

IDEAS and ANECDOTES speak for themselves.

There are currently three other FRIENDS sites giving local news and events for people who worked or were associated with ICL Africa, the Bristol and Cardiff ICL offices. If you would be interested in setting up a local site then please contact New Sites.

With so many people leaving ICL (especially as, after all the years, the name has disappeared) the time seemed right to have a self help group - so it's up to you to make use of the network of contacts the site will provide