List of Friends

Dear Friend of ICL
We recognise that spam is now a particularly annoying fact of email life. Naturally we are concerned if our listing of email addresses on the "friendsoficl" website is contributing to the volume of spam that you receive.  Therefore, we have decided to ensure that emails to be sent to another friend can be done so without displaying their email address. To that end we have removed all listed addresses and have provided a forwarding service.

So when making contact for the first time with a friend you need to send your email to with the name of the addressee in the title. Your friend then, of course, can respond directly to you.

Regards Sheila Turl and Friends

A list of Autumn 2014 Joiners in HTML or Word Format.

In order to make it easier for people to use the list they have been provided on this page as either an HTML list or WORD document.

If you want to add more details, such as when and where in ICL you worked or what you are doing now, then click HERE and complete your entry.  Those people with extra information will be marked on the list with an asterisk *; just click on the name to read it.

Other "Friends of ICL" lists

Recently a company sponsored pensioner's website has been provided.  It has an Open Area as well as a Members Area at