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Want some Technical Journals?

I've just been clearing out the loft and found a set of 10 years of the ICL Technical Journal. All editions from Issue 1 November 78, right through to November 87. It seems a shame to bin them. Is there anyone out there who wants them? No charge, apart from postage overseas... As long as they go to a good home.

Regards, Stuart Battersby
An email to comments@friendsoficl.org.uk will be passed on to Stuart or ring him on 07801 306404. Ed.

Jobs on Offer


A number of former-ICL folk (David Deacon, John Connor, David Brown, Alan Wade, John Reeves, David Collins, Sandy Pufler, me – to name a few), now work as part of a collaborative team, offering Training & Development consultancy to the wider world.  Our web-site www.thornburyassoc.co.uk gives a fuller picture of what we do.  We are always looking for people to join us, especially anyone with experience of T&D coupled with Business Development (the new word for “sales”). We are all self employed, mostly semi-retired, and enjoy working for fees of around £1,200 per day plus expenses. 

 If anyone is interested, please either drop me an email or give me a call. 


John Black
Thornbury Associates Limited
Unique People .......Unique Solutions
Tel: +44(0) 1454 416413



Some of you will remember me from those halcyon days in ICL.....the majority probably won't.

I have recently become a director of a company letting and renting holiday properties in the ski and beach resort areas of Bulgaria. This isn't as bizarre as it sounds! Bulgaria has a rapidly expanding economy and tourist industry (See any major tour operator’s brochure for this summer!).  Bulgaria is due to join the EU in 2007.  The previous models for this (e.g. Southern Ireland, Spain) indicate rapid rise in economic growth particularly property prices. This is NOT a timeshare scam or pyramid selling it is a serious and now well established business. (If you haven't stopped reading by now, visit www.bulgariandevelopments.co.uk for further info).

One of my initial tasks in the company is to establish a network of contacts who could be interested.   As part of establishing this "network tree" I decided to be a little cheeky and contact the “Friends of ICL Web Site”.  The opportunity is basically twofold. 1. Buy yourself or   2. Pass me onto someone who may be interested. In the event of a sale you will receive a "finder’s fee".

If you are interested or know somebody who may be,  contact details are:-

Mobile  07967-129430
email  ray@bwinstallations.com. (email address will change shortly when we open the Bulgarian Development office in Cheadle,Cheshire)

Ray Cullen (ex MAN12/MAN05)